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Nonviolent Communication Skills & Conflict Management Training, Mediation, and Coaching : NVC Resolutions

If you are visiting this site and you live or work within the UK, there is much that we can offer you.
Our main offerings are:

Nonviolent Communication public trainings
Relationship counselling / marriage guidance
Conflict management training for organisations
Mediation for organisations or individuals
Peer Mediation for Schools


Scroll further down this page for a fuller list.

Detox your Communication on a Nonviolent Communication skills training workshop in London.

Click on the 'Detox' picture to the right to find out more about upcoming Nonviolent Communication trainings in London.

If you are visiting this site from outside the UK, the most useful pages are probably in our Nonviolent Communication section (click on the link in the menu bar above), particularly: NVC Global Website Links - info about and links to the most important NVC sites worldwide, and NVC Global Online Resources - info about and links to the main online NVC resources.


DarenDeWitt-NonviolentCommunicationLondonNVC Resolutions is the website of Daren De Witt, a qualified trainer with, and senior London representative of, the internationally recognised Centre for Nonviolent Communication. Daren has a lifelong fascination with what makes us tick as humans, and a passionate desire to help people relate to one another with more care and compassion.

As well as offering Nonviolent Communication trainings for the public and organisations, Daren also offers conflict management training and mediation for organisations, anger management counselling, relationship counselling, voice dialogue coaching, and peer mediation for schools. Please explore this site to see how Daren can support you.
Contact Daren on 07968 034 828 or nvcresolutions[at]


An overview of this website's offerings for you

Nonviolent Communication Public Workshops

We offer Nonviolent Communication trainings for the general public. We run a regular programme of foundation and post-foundation trainings in London, as well as running occasional trainings in other UK cities and abroad. Visit our NVC Public Workshops page for more information.


Conflict Management Training and Nonviolent Communication Skills Training for Organisations and Businesses

For organisations and businesses we offer cutting edge communication skills and conflict resolution skills training using the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, which is internationally recognised and recommended by leading international organisational coaches. Visit our Conflict Management Training for Organisations page for more information.


Workplace Mediation for Organisations and Businesses

For organisations and businesses we also offer mediation support. Mediation is growing in popularity in the UK as a quicker, more economical and more harmonious way to resolve disputes than traditional methods of dispute resolution. Visit our Workplace Mediation for Organisations page for more information.


Relationship Counselling

As well as Nonviolent Communication skills, Daren has specialist training in Couple Counselling and Relationship Psychotherapy. He offers counselling sessions for couples from his practice in Golders Green, North West London. Visit our Relationship Counselling page to find out more.


Individual Coaching and Counselling

We offer individual counselling and support in various formats. Go to our Workplace Coaching page to find out about conflict resolution and communication skills coaching for staff members in your business or organisation. If you want support to explore a personal issue, visit our Individual Counselling page. If you have difficulty controlling your anger, Daren offers help on our Anger Management page.


Peer Mediation & NVC for Schools

Daren offers Peer Mediation training for primary and secondary school students. Visit our Peer Mediation page for more information. Daren also delivers other trainings for schools, including communication skills and conflict resolution skills for staff and students, which you can read about on our Training for Schools page.


Nonviolent Communication Resources

We have assembled a range of Nonviolent Communication resources on this website. For an overview of the Nonviolent Communication process, visit our About Nonviolent Communication page . We have a list of links to free audio and video clips of Marshall Rosenberg talking about Nonviolent Communication which you can view on our NVC Video Clips page . We have also assembled a list of links to the more important NVC sites worldwide on our NVC Global Website Links page, as well as a range of other NVC internet resources on our NVC Resources page.


Where do we work?

Daren is based in East London. His public workshops are mainly held in London, though also elsewhere in the UK or overseas. London Nonviolent Communication trainings/workshops are often held in either Golders Green, London NW11 or Shoreditch, London E1.

For organisational work, Daren is very open to travelling to you, wherever you are based, in London, elsewhere in the UK, eg Brimingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leicester, Coventry, Bournemouth.

Daren offers counselling & coaching support via Skype, or from a venue in central London near Liverpool St station, which is easily accessible from many London areas, including: Central London, The City of London, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Hackney, Islington, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets.

Contact Daren to discuss what he can offer you.