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Effective Communication Skills with NVC
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Express yourself free of harmful language additives on a Nonviolent Communication Skills workshop in London.

Foundation Trainings in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

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About Nonviolent Communication Foundation Trainings

Nonviolent Communication Foundation Trainings will teach you effective communication skills to:

  • Say something you know you need to say to someone that you know they are going to find difficult to hear.
  • Soothe someone who is upset or in distress.
  • Assert yourself with others, whilst at the same time communicating with care and respect.
  • Calm down someone who is angry – with you or with someone else.



Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication, is a simple, powerful and  learnable process that supports a more human and respectful way of communicating in any situation.  It teaches us where and how to focus our attention in communication when listening and talking, to maximise connection, mutual understanding, trust and cooperation with others.

The Four Main Ingredients of the NVC process:

NVC will teach you skills to communicate with clarity and subtlety in four key areas of communication:

1. Observations
free of evaluations and judgements

Feelings straight from the heart

Needs, values and longings that are causing our feelings

Requests expressed clearly in positive action language

You will learn how to focus on these four ingredients in three different ways:


  • To connect with and understand what is going on inside yourself (self-empathy);
  • To express what is going on inside yourself to others (self-expression);
  • To connect with what is alive in others (empathy).


nonviolent-communication-public-workshops-london-1 2-day foundation trainings present all the basic concepts and tools used in NVC. They give you sufficient information and practice to start using NVC effectively in your daily life - professional or personal. 2-day foundation trainings are also a pre-requisite for many of the further trainings in NVC available in the UK. We imagine that you will find attending one challenging, moving, supportive and fun!

These foundation trainings will be led by Daren De Witt, a London-based certified trainer with, and representative of, the international Centre for Nonviolent Communication. Daren has been practicing and teaching NVC since the year 2000.

At the end of the training attendees will receive a certificate of completion of the 2-day (12 hours CPD) training.


Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (9 mins)
The following clip from a seminar with Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication, will give you a taste of the Nonviolent / Compassionate Communication process.






Nonviolent Communication Skills Foundation Training - Programme Outline

Day One
On day one we present most of the core concepts and processes of NVC.
Understanding of these is facilitated through brief exercises.  Topics covered:

The Intention Of Communication


  • Understanding the role of intention in communication and in NVC
  • Exploring common intentions when communicating, their origins and results


Language That Disconnects


  • 7 types of communication that antagonise or stimulate resistance
  • The origins and outcomes of disconnecting language


The Core Of Communication – Essential Needs


  • Understanding the role of needs in communication and action
  • Exploring 10 essential areas of human need


The Place Of Emotions In Communication


  • Understanding common miscommunications of feelings
  • Clarifying how and when to accurately convey or connect with core emotions


Four Ways We Can Receive Others In Conflict Situations


  • Two responses that lead to increased conflict
  • Two responses that lead to understanding, trust and resolution of conflic


Communicating Observable Experience


  • Distinguishing between observation and evaluation
  • Exploring how to accurately convey what we are seeing or hearing from others


Formulating Strategies & Communicating Them To Others


  • Distinguishing between needs and strategies, & between requests and demands
  • How to convey what we want others to do clearly and effectively



Day Two
The focus is on internalising the NVC process through extended practice exercises.  We will explore the three modes in which NVC can be used: self empathy; expressing oneself; and empathising with others.  We will also explore how NVC can be used in conflict situations.
Topics covered:



  • Experiencing the power of NVC to clarify and work through
    our own issues / concerns.


Empathising With Others


  • Where to focus our attention when listening to others
  • Supporting others to understand and move through their issues more effectively


NVC Conflict Negotiation Skills


  • 5 essential steps for transforming hostility into collaboration
  • Finding mutually beneficial strategies and solutions


Course Evaluation & Closure


  • Looking at how participants will take their learning forward



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NVC Resolutions Foundation Training dates



Led by

7-8 May 2016


Daren De Witt

13-14 August 2016

Golders Green

Daren De Witt

Nonviolent Communication Foundation Training Costs:

Individuals: £160.

Organisational rates: Charities = £200; Public sector = £240; Private sector = £300

Concessions available: Daren is keen to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming. Please contact him.

Recommended Preparation for Nonviolent Communication Foundation Trainings:

We request that people prepare for foundation trainings by reading Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall Rosenberg (ISBN 1-892-005-03-4). You can read info and reviews about this book, as well as purchase it from Amazon via the link on the right. Or you can purchase it from Watkins bookshop on 19 Cecil Court, central London, WC2N 4EZ (near Leceister Square tube).

Alternatively, you can watch the DVD entitled "The Basics of Nonviolent Communication", which you can purchase from the Centre for Nonviolent Communication website (USA based) via the following link: The Basics of NVC DVD


Comments from previous Nonviolent Communication Foundation Training participants:

"Daren is a fantastic trainer. I learned a lot of helpful information and loved the practice sessions. Every relationship I have has improved 10 fold as a result and I am a much happier person." - S Nordmark, Nov 2015

"Perhaps the best spent 12 hours of my life." - L Phillips, Nov 2015

"Thank you for a great workshop at the weekend! I am using this ‘new language’ and ‘new tool’ whenever I can throughout my day, and not just when someone is angry, but to try and really listen to people, hear their feelings and needs, and make a connection. My relationship with my husband has much improved, we are so much more connected, and it’s still work in progress, it’s great! I am so happy." - J Elliot, July 2014

"Daren was clear, compassionate & knowledgeable.  His passion for NVC really came across.  I felt he really cared for us." - R Lalor, March 2013

"The structure and content were both excellent - we fitted in a lot of theoretical & practical information / exercises to achieve a real solid result. Delivery of the whole package was great. Thanks a lot!" - V Edwards, Sept 2012

nonviolent-communication-public-workshops-london-2"This was amazing!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the hope!! This is a beginning of something wonderful I think!" - A Heimersson, Sept 2012

"I keep getting a sense of something finely crafted - refined - precise - carefully positioned - no waste - everything with a clear purpose - a beautiful whole - a masterpiece even - dense and full and rich, and yet easy and fluid and flowing." - S Johnson, March 2012

"This was a really enriching training programme. I was made to feel very comfortable and safe by the facilitators and the great group of co-trainees. Thank you - very inspiring!" - F Brooks, Oct 2011

"I want to express my gratitude again for a very special weekend . . . as powerful and as rich in ancient truth and wisdom as the principles of NVC are (and I believe Marshall to be one of the great teachers of the last century along with the likes of Gandhi, Luther King and Mandela), what we received was as much the part that you played in teaching us. I was profoundly touched by your willingness to share your own struggles and successes with us. Also, your presentation and facilitation skills were clear, connecting and seamless. I also get how important this work is to you personally and that was impacting too."  - J. Kingston, Oct 2011

"A wonderful course and a wonderful concept. I look forward to applying it." - P Bijwe, May 2011

"Probably the best training (the most useful) I've attended in the past 10 years." - S Warwick, May 2011

"I came to this workshop in awe of the perceptiveness and subtlety with which Marshall Rosenberg applied NVC. I left believing that I might one day be able to do so!" - M. Davis.

"An excellent introduction to NVC. One of those courses which you are never the same after attending!" - J. Edge.

Here's what the experts are saying about NVC:

"NVC provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships."
- Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

"No matter what issue you're facing, NVC will set you up to win every time"
- Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

"NVC gives a way of listening so others feel not just heard, but understood."
- Dr Thomas Gordon, Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

"All teachers should learn to use NVC - it will aid children throughout their lives."
- Nancy Sager, principal Sante Fe Montessori School

"NVC is a powerful tool for peace and partnership, urgently needed for a less violent, more caring world." - Raine Eisler, The Power of Partnership

"NVC is one of the most useful things you will ever learn." - William Ury, Getting to Yes

"I believe the techniques of NVC can literally change the world."
- Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series