Free Online NVC Video and Audio Clips

Below are links to free online NVC video clips and downloadable audio clips of Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication, talking about NVC, and about conflict resolution. If you are aware of any other online video clips or audio clips of Marshall Rosenberg or NVC on the internet, please let us know. We would like to add links to them to this page!

Marshall Rosenberg on Big Picture TV

Here are links to three free online streaming video clips of 3 short talks on NVC by Marshall Rosenberg, created by Big Picture TV (I'm not sure what happened to Big Picture TV, so I have linked to these clips via Youtube).

Clip 1 - Nonviolent Communication - Part One (10 mins)

In the first clip of this two-part free online video series, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg talks about how society has suffered under political 'domination structures' that emerged about 8,000 years ago. He reflects on the origins of Nonviolent Communication and describes how the process can be used pragmatically in conflict resolution involving religion. To illustrate its effectiveness as a diplomatic tool, he finishes by describing how he helped restore peace in the conflict resolution process between two warring tribes in Nigeria.

Clip 2 - Nonviolent Communication - Part Two (6 mins)

In the second clip of this two-part free online video series, Dr Marshall Rosenberg talks about how we all too often deal with our own shortcomings in ways which ignore our basic human needs. He then goes on to describe how modern medicine can sometimes misdiagnose depression as a chemical imbalance, and explains how such diagnoses seldom look at the internal dialogues we all have that can lead to our feeling depressed.

Clip 3 - Life is Play (4 mins)

In this free online video clip Marshall Rosenberg talks about Teilhard de Chardin's theories of human evolution and how we can move to a more natural way of being - one where no-one advances at the expense of another. He speaks of his own experiences working with Nonviolent Communication and how enriching the lives of others is the most rewarding work mankind can engage in.

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Introduction to Marshall Rosenberg (10 mins) 

Hear Marshall Rosenberg speak about the impact of the NVC conflict resolution process in transforming world conflicts, creating extraordinary relationships, and contributing to lasting peace in this free 10 minute online streaming video clip.  Interview by Jim Lemkin for his documentary film Beyond Belief.  See part of this clip from source at Beyond Belief Film.

Marshall Rosenberg on You Tube (83 Mins)

Marshall Rosenberg talking on the theme of Nonviolent Communication & Corporations. He is interviewed by Paula Gloria, a charity director and Public Access TV producer from Manhattan, from the Concordia Foundation. This free online streaming video is in three parts totalling 84 minutes.


Audio Recording of Marshall Rosenberg (75 mins)

Marshall Rosenberg Free Audio  A 75 minute free online audio clip, taped on the Peace Talks radio programme. Marshall Rosenberg is captured before a live Albuquerque audience talking about how Nonviolent Communication supports conflict resolution. During this audio session, he also helps members of the studio audience find resolution to conflict scenarios using the principles of Nonviolent Communication. Co hosts: Paul Ingles and Suzanne Kryder. The program was taped at the First Church of Religious Science Auditorium on February 7, 2005. KUNM Community Radio Alburqueque Airdate 2/24/06.

NVC Audio Soundbytes Nonviolent Communication Soundbites


A series of short audio clips of Marshall Rosenberg speaking on diferent NVC topics.  Prepared by Eric Altshuler, and available to download for free on the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) website. (N.B. You need to register on the CNVC website to gain access to the clips).