Skype or Telephone Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling / Marriage Guidance

by Skype or Telephone

daren-de-witt-nvc.jpg Do you have a relationship issue that is upsetting you or causing you anxiety or concern?
Would you like to talk it over with a professionally trained relationship counsellor?
If so, Daren De Witt, of NVC Resolutions, can offer you a relationship counselling / marriage guidance session via telephone or Skype.

A relationship between two people is a very powerful dynamic, which can at times be very challenging. Sometimes we can feel elated and passionate, and deeply in love. At other times the magic can seem to desert us and we can feel lost, angry, confused and alone. At these times, it can help to have support to help us make sense of these powerful dynamics and to help us clarify a way forward within our relationship.

Daren De Witt is a trained relationship / marriage counsellor who understands the complex dynamics of relationships. He can help you clarify what is going on in your relationship, so you can put it and your life back into perspective.

N.B. Daren is happy to run Skype relationship counselling / marriage guidance sessions for couples.  The telephone service is for one to one relationship telephone counselling. Daren does not do conference calls with couples at this point in time.

How our telephone / Skype relationship counselling service works:


You Contact Daren

If you are interested in a telephone or Skype relationship counselling / marriage guidance session, you contact Daren by telephone or email. If Daren doesn’t reply immediately, he will get back to you as soon as possible.


We Agree a Relationship Counselling Session Time

We agree between us a time for the telephone or Skype relationship counselling session to take place. Session lengths are usually one hour or 90 minutes.


You Pay in Advance

We request that you pay Daren in advance for the telephone or Skype relationship counselling / marriage guidance session. Fees are outlined a little further down this page. You can do this quickly by clicking on one of the online payment buttons towards the bottom of this page. Or you can make a bank transfer or send Daren a cheque in the post.


The Session Itself

Your telephone or Skype relationship counselling / marriage guidance session takes place. For telephone sessions, if you are in the UK Daren can phone you for the actual call, or you can phone Daren.


Follow Up

At the end of your relationship telephone counselling session, Daren will give you the option to book another appointment. If you want to do so, we will agree a time / date.

Fees per session for Relationship counselling / Marriage guidance

I run a sliding scale of fees, based on the combined gross income of the couple attending (whether married or not, or living together or not). Fees are outlined on the following table:

Annual combined
gross income

Monthly combined
gross income

Fee for one
hour session

Fee for 90
minute session

Less than £30,000

Less than £2,500



£30,000 to £60,000

£2,500 to £5,000



More than £60,000

More than £5,000



If you are wanting a 1-to-1 session about your relationship (i.e. without your partner), fees are as follows:

gross income

Fee for one
hour session

Fee for 90
minute session

Less than £2,000



£2,000 to £4,000



More than £4,000



Missed Relationship Telephone Counselling Sessions:

Provided that you give Daren 24 hours notice of any sessions that you are unable to keep, the relationship telephone counselling session will be re-arranged for a convenient time and there will be no charge. If you do not give Daren notice, you pay 50% of the agreed sessional rate for a cancelled 1 hour session.

To Book a Relationship Telephone Counselling Session:

Contact Daren by email or telephone if you are interested in booking a relationship telephone counselling session. Our contact details are further up this page on the right hand side.

Relationship Telephone Counselling Session Payment

If you have arranged a telephone or Skype relationship counselling / marriage guidance session with Daren and wish to pay for it, click on the relevant 'Pay Now' button below. Select the amount relevant to your income and length of session from the drop down menu. You will be taken to Paypal's secure online payment page, where you simply follow their payment instructions. We have chosen Paypal to process your payment because it is one of the simplest and safest online payment forms available.

Couple session with Daren
Select Length and Cost
1-to-1 session with Daren
Select Length and Cost

Training Payment to Daren

Training Payment to Daren

About Daren De Witt

Daren De Witt brings many skills to this relationship telephone counselling work.  He has completed a two-year specialist training in Couple Counselling and Relationship Psychotherapy, graduating with a Diploma in Creative Couplework with the Centre for Gender Psychology, with whom he is in regular supervision.  He has also studied the Voice Dialogue approach to relationships.  He has been practising and teaching Nonviolent Communication since the year 2000, and mediating and teaching mediation since 1999.